Gluten-Free and Dairy free options


Oreo cookies-------- $3.50 + gst

Mini banana loaf-------- $3.25 + gst

Fuel to go muffins-------- $3.25 + gst

Focaccia buns-------- $2.00 each

Chocolate, vanilla, carrot, lemon cupcake-------- $3.75 + gst

Salted caramel brownie-------- $3.25 + gst

French bread-------- $8

French bread buns---------$1.75 each

Macaroon-------- $1.50 + gst


Gluten-Free and Vegan options


Rustic bread------- $8

Cinnamon Raisin bread-------- $9

Baguette--------- $4

Hamburger buns--------$2

Pizza crust---------$4

Nanaimo bar---------$2 + gst

Mini chocolate zucchini loaf--------- $3.25 +gst

Molasses cookies--------- $1.50 + gst

Chocolate peanut butter bar--------- $2.75 +gst

Quinoa power bar---------- $3.25 +gst

Oat bar--------- $2.75 + gst

Blueberry muffin---------- $2.50 + gst

Cinnamon bun--------- $3.00 + gst

English muffin---------$1.50 +gst

Monster cookie---------$3.00 + gst

Cashew date energy ball---------$1.75 +gst

(When made with brown rice syrup)

Vanilla and Chocolate cake----single layer $42 +gst


Gladiator cookies---------$3.00


Contain egg and or dairy


Cheddar biscuits--------$2

Black and white cookie---------$2

Date square--------$3.25 +gst

Pecan butter Tart Square--------$3.00 +gst

Mini cheesecake---------$3.50 +gst